So recently I purchased The Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder after hearing so many good things about is, hey, if Kim Kardashian loves it so much, I wanted to see what’s the hype is all about.

I  purchased the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder after reading about it and seeing swatches all over the net, and also wanted to see if this Banana delight will be the answer to my problem – the white mask face effect I get in flash photos!

This powder is yellow (Banana or not??) and if you put on too much of it, you will look slightly yellow, especially if your skin tone is not very dark. they say that this powder will compliment every skin tone, and I think it might, but if you have a very light skin tone, I’d recommend not to over do with this one.

It comes in a 1.5 oz and 3 oz shaker jar for around $10-$20 depending where you purchase it. I got the 3 oz on eBay for $12 with free shipping.

The packaging  is a little annoying I must say, you need to sprinkle the powder into the lid and buff it on your  face. and if you sprinkle too much into the lid, it’s not so easy to put it back into the package.

This powder is a talc based powder which means it will do wonders for shine. The texture is silky and blends easily .

How to use

There are some ways that you can use this powder- it can be used as an overall face powder to reduce shine and make your makeup stay on longer, and it does a wonderful job in this area! It can also be used for highlighting areas on your face like the under eye area, forehead, nose and chin while contouring, this is the method that Kim Kardashians makeup artist uses on her face.

My Impression

I really like this powder, it does a great job keeping my makeup on for a longer period of time, I used it with my double wear foundation and had it on for almost 18 hours! and my makeup still looked great.

As for highlighting, I did try this method as well and it does give that highlighted cheekbones effect, but be careful, if you put too much of it, you will look yellowish, an also don’t forget to blend well.

In flash photos, it does a good job eliminating that white face effect, but again, if you put too much of it, some areas on your face might appear a bit yellow.

Overall I love this product and will defiantly purchase it again! Thinking about getting also a light color version of this powder.



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