Keratin Earth – works or not?

I have a friend that has a very fine frizzy hair, she told me about this keratin earth treatment that suppose to make your hair straight and healthy at the convenience of your home.

The Keratin Earth reviews online were great so when I heard about it I’ve decided that I have to try it, I have a very thick, wavy hair and I always blow-dry it in order to make it straight.

My friend bought this kit and tried it, well she hated it, and it made no change to her hair so she gave the kit to me to try it out.

The Treatment

The kit contains 4 products:a shampoo, a straightening treatment, a mask and a conditioner.

At first you have to shampoo you hair twice with the special shampoo, and so I did, my impression of it was…well not so positive, it smells pretty nice, it has a fresh, clean smell but it made my hair very stiff and it had a spongy feeling to it, I couldn’t even comb it or go with my fingers through it, but I had to in order to separate it so I could apply product number 2 which is the straightening treatment, it the process of combing my hair I broke it and well…you know the rest…a lot of it was left on my comb.

Then I had to separate my hair in order to put the straightening treatment, it wasn’t easy, you need to take 2 inch parts of hair and apply the product, after applying it my hair felt like cardboard but after about 10 minutes it became more flexible, the smell of this product is pretty bad but bearable.  You have to leave the product on for 20 minutes.

Then I had to rinse the product out, again with the shampoo (number 1). After this my hair felt still very hard, still spongy.

The third part of the process was to apply the mask and leave it on for 2 minutes then wash is off and apply the conditioner, after which the hair felt much softer.

The next thing I had to do is to blow dry my hair almost completely and then I had to go through the agonizing process of flat ironing my hair (I remembered why I hate my flat-iron so much!), due to the fact that my hair is very thick this took me way too long.

The results

The result was far from perfect, well it was straight but not as straight as after a straight blow dry (maybe if you have thinner hair the result would be better.)

 Keratin Earth-hair straightening system

Dreaming of a silky straight hair? Don’t count on this product.


The hair did not feel healthier or softer,in fact it felt very dry and coarse, before the treatment it was relatively soft , the parts that were burned are still burned, split ends are still there, and I even think that my hair is more damaged now because of the flat-iron.

You probably ask yourself what happens after you wash your hair? Does it stay straight? Well the answer is absolutely… NOT!

It goes back to the way your hair was before this annoying process.

Few days after I did this I’ve decided that I have to call my hairdresser because my hair became very stiff, and very dry.

My hairdresser noticed immediately the change in my hair; he said that it’s extremely dry and stiff. It usually takes him ten minutes to blow dry my hair but this time it took him 40!

The bottom line is that this product is a waste of time, money and nerves ,don’t buy it especially if you have curly thick hair.






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