Getting this new pallet by urban decay, was very exciting for me, like you already know I am crazy about Urban Decay products, their products are so wonderful and they are of the greatest quality.

This pallet is no exception, The colors are very beautiful , it contains neutral colors, pinks , Blues, golds, you can actually make any look with this pallet, neutral every day look and a smoky night out look.

The package is similar to the vice 1 and 2 pallets, it has a big mirror, double-sided brush,and a magnetic closure. It’s quite big so I wouldn’t take it with me when I travel, but it’s very pretty.

As for the eyeshadows themselves, they are very creamy and blendable, if you like colorful looks this palette is perfect for you, take in consideration that most of the eyeshadows contain some amount of shimmer, but if you like shimmery eye makeup,  you can create a lot of different looks with this palette, romantic, smoky, every day look, possibilities are and endless.


Where to buy?

I heard that urban decay came out with this pallet so I went to saphora looking for it, they didn’t have it in the stores, so I ordered the palette at for $68.

Today I went to Macy’s and I saw the palette there, so they have it in stock there, at least in NYC.

The shadows 

Truth– This is a pale pink-nude matte. It’s a light color, great for highlighting the brow bone area,. It is really pigmented.

Undone– It’s a light-medium, peach-beige with warm undertones and a very fine shimmer over a matte finish, when applied you can’t see the shimmer at all, it’s almost matte.

Downfall– It’s a medium, warm-toned brown with a matte finish, this color is very soft and buttery, it’s a beautiful nude color.

DTF– It’s a medium-dark, neutral-toned taupe with a satin-matte finish.

Dragon– This is a bright metallic green shimmery eyeshadow, very beautiful color, it’s also very pigmented.

Freeze– It’s a metallic medium blue with golden micro-glitter. this color is gorgeous! I love blue eyeshadows and this one is one of my favorite blue eyeshadows.

Heroine– It’s a deep navy blue with gold shimmer, but when applied it’s has a pretty matte finish, you don’t see the glitter at all.

Brokedown– It’s a metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter.”

Vanity– This is a medium to dark, plummy purple with warm undertones , in the pan looks like there is shimmer but when applied you hardly see any shimmer. the texture is very soft and blendable.

Lucky-It’s a beautiful metallic bronze color, very buttery and blendable.

Reign– It’s a warm medium-dark brown with a  golden shimmer.

Bobby dazzle– It’s metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter, very pigmented, love this one!

Alien– It’s a light-medium, yellow-toned pink with a soft, golden shimmer. The pigmentation is good , but the  texture made is a bit powdery so I recommend using a primer with this one.

Alchemy– It’s a beautiful deep fuchsia satin, but this one is a disappointment for me, because the color is not that intense, when applied it looks a little pale, I wish the color was stronger and looked more like it looks in the pan.

Bondage– It’s a rich, dark purple-burgundy with warm undertones and a metallic glitter.

Sonic– It’s a metallic red-copper, very unique and interesting color.

Last sin– It’s a warm-toned beige with a metallic shimmer, I really like this color, it blends beautifully and looks great, I also love the soft shimmer, looks great in photos.

Angel– It’s a light-medium, golden taupe with warm undertones and a metallic glitter, it’s another great shimmery eyeshadow for the shimmer lovers.

DEFY– It’s a dark, cool-toned taupe that leans more gray than brown with a matte finish.

Revolver– It’s a soft black satin with silver micro glitter, the glitter is unnoticeable when applied.



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